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Backpack self-inflates into pillow, sleeping pad, chair cushion

The Windcatcher Air Pakk is not nearly as odd as the popular Ostrich Pillow, making it an ideal alternative for people who want to lay low.

Inflate your way to dreamland. Windcatcher

Some people have the superpower of being able to nap anywhere, sitting up in a chair, against an airplane window, or folded over on a desk. Other people need more cushioning than that. That's where the Windcatcher Air Pakk comes in. It's a backpack with a self-inflating padding system hidden inside. Just find a nice spot, inflate the pack, and settle in for a snooze.

The design is versatile. It can be propped up to use like a chair, laid out to use as a sleeping pad, or folded up to act as a pillow. The thickness of the padding can be adjusted between a quarter of inch up to 2 inches per side. A removable outer cover gives you a place to set all the gear from inside the backpack. It can also be worn like a messenger bag.

One bonus of the padded design is that it keeps delicate items like laptops and tablets safe inside. Ryan Frayne, the creator of the Air Pakk, posted a video showing him attempting to smash an egg inside the backpack by throwing it on the ground. Spoiler alert: it came out just fine.

Windcatcher already captured Kickstarter backers' attention with a successful campaign for a self-inflating air pad that pulled in nearly $150,000 last year. The $90 Air Pakk has attracted over $18,800 toward a $30,000 goal with 28 days left on the project. Some of the pledge levels also include a next-generation version of the air pad.

We've seen a few odd pillows in recent years, most notably the Ostrich Pillow, a design that sucks your whole head into a cocoon. It has a lot of fans, as well as a lot of people who make fun of the look. The Air Pakk won't attract the same sort of stares or laughs. It's pretty subtle as far as portable pillows go, though you could really go nuts and combine the Ostrich Pillow with the Air Pakk for a truly comfortable nap.

Air Pakk as a seat
The Air Pakk can double as a cushioned seat. Windcatcher