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'OMG @docbrown': What Marty McFly and Doc would tweet today

What kind of tweets, texts or Snaps would the time travelers from "Back to the Future" be sending if they really landed in 2015 today? CNET's Eric Mack has a few thoughts.

By now you surely know it's Back to the Future Day, as Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived in the future on October 21, 2015 in the 1989 movie "Back to the Future Part II."

Now, let's assume both of them were quick enough learners and skilled enough multi-taskers that while trying to keep the space-time continuum from unraveling, they also learned the ins and outs of Twitter, texting, Snapchat and the latest emoji libraries...who would they be puttin' on blast? Bet they'd figure out pretty quick that we've been repping BTTF on many a #TBT since like our pre-K (pre-Kanye) years.

Surely any time travelers from 1985 to our time would have to begin with this exchange?


And surely the modern pop culture would take a little getting used to:


Once they started tweeting and texting, they'd surely get sucked into the stories of the day and eventually forget their whole mission to save the future.


Ah, but therein lies the great mystery of Hollywood time travel, Marty. While the hoverboards we have require custom tracks and won't be much good for getting away from Griff, at least we hoverboards at all, thanks to BTTF.

It makes you wonder if today's shoe designers and hoverboard engineers were inspired by the film, or if the filmmakers somehow had some sort of insight into what we'd be capable of doing in 2015...

Which do you think came first -- the time travel movie or the time traveler? Also, what else would Doc and Marty be tweeting about today? Let us know in the comments.