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Back to the drawing board for Nexus Q

Google aims to beef up the Nexus Q, Digg sprouts a new look, and a browser add-on could help you avoid Olympics spoilers.

We're annoying the IOC with Wednesday's top tech headlines:

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Digg has been reborn under the Betaworks leadership. This first redesign simply highlights top stories and popular stories, and users can save articles to read later on the new Digg iPhone app. Betaworks says it will continue to roll out new features, including comments.

After tepid reviews, Google announced it wants to hold off on launching the $300 Nexus Q media-streaming device until it adds more features. But anyone who preordered will get the current model for free.

The Olympics have strict marketing rules, but Beats Audio found a way to get prime-time brand exposure without paying to be a sponsor.

Amazon is getting more competitive with Netflix. Now Amazon Instant Video is available on an iPad app.

Verizon Wireless will no longer charge customers on old tiered data plans for tethering, and is allowing third party tethering apps. If you pay for the $20 tethering fee on the old tiered plan, you need to be proactive and cancel it yourself.

If the Olympics taking up all your time at work, the browser add-on Olwimpics will block out Olympic keywords from any pages you pull up. But if you're trying to keep yourself in suspense for the NBC primetime tape delay, don't count on this to help you completely avoid spoilers. It's not perfect. Not to mention you'll still probably be hit with news alerts in your email or smartphone push notifications. Resistance to Olympics news is futile.

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