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Back to school tech gifts (2012)

Head back to school in style with CNET's best tech picks for 2012, including a recommendation for what students shouldn't buy just yet.

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When I think about college, all the fun memories come to mind -- the kind of fun that makes me grateful Facebook didn't exist back then.

But time has a way of helping you forget what a traumatic, mind-bending hell college really is. And if your kid or someone you know is heading back to school soon, there's a good chance that he or she is justifiably freaking out right now.

That kid needs your help, and we're here to help you. CNET has published its annual back to school tech guide, which contains gift ideas for any budget and every type of student.

In this Top 5, I've whittled our editors' picks down to a handful of essential gifts that should help the student in your life feel a little better equipped.