Back-to-school, MacBook rumors, and pizza metaphors: The week in laptops

Laptops are going back to school, MacBook Pros getting a makeover, and more netbook news. It's the week in laptops!

Yeah, that's pizza. Trust me, it applies.

My new tagline for This Week in Laptops: The antidote to iPhone fever. Catchy, no?

While our colleagues toiled away on iPhone rumors, iPhone release stories, iPhone reviews, and iPhone software news, the CNET Laptop Reviews team continued to fill out our roundup of back-to-school laptops that will be on retailers' shelves this summer. The latest additions: a $649 Dell Inspiron 1525, the $799 HP Pavilion dv2915nr, and the $799 Gateway T-6836. Keep checking back for more reviews as the first day of classes draws near (already?!). Not wanting to leave gamers out in the cold, we also pulled together a list of the latest gaming laptops.

Unfortunately, laptop fans couldn't completely avoid Apple this week, as AppleInsider pointed to some photos of an alleged new MacBook Pro design. Also, CNET's Daniel Terdiman offered his thoughts on the MacBook Air after carrying one--actually, two--with him on his summer road trip. And CNET blogger Dave Rosenberg became the poster child for the perils of cloud computing when his MacBook Air started acting funny, just as Google Docs was offline.

In little-laptop news, MSI announced on Tuesday that it was finally shipping the much-anticipated (and delayed) Wind. Apparently the news release wasn't sent to retailers, who all listed the Netbook as out of stock. (It did finally show up on NewEgg later in the week.) Meanwhile, the gang at CNET U.K. found the Advent 4211, which uses the same chassis as the Wind but costs less (in the U.K., that is). The Acer Aspire One went on sale at a handful of U.S. retailers. And the 10-inch ECS G10IL will be making it way to our shores this fall (let's hope the company comes up with a catchier name).

Also worth reading this week: HP is reportedly readying laptops based on the forthcoming Centrino 2 platform; Intel is reportedly readying a graphics chip based on Pentium cores; and the rumor mill kicked up more info on Sony's forthcoming Z series laptops.

And finally, we leave you with NotebookReview's motherboard explainer, which relies heavily on a pizza metaphor. Mmmm, pizza.

Have a great weekend!