Back in my day, karaoke-equipped duffel bags were not cool. At all.

'High School Musical' has become an excuse for the worst tie-in products since...anything.

Caroline McCarthy Former Staff writer, CNET News
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Caroline McCarthy
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You know, it only occurred to me until very recently that karaoke means something very different for the younger generation than it does for mine when I was a kid. When I was in elementary school, we had roller skating parties and laser tag parties and arcade pizzeria parties--but no karaoke parties, because that was dorky and no one would sing, and since we were well under the legal drinking age, no one could break the ice with, "Okayyy, let's get a round of SoCo and Lime and then see if anyone wants to try the mic, how about?" If we were going to have anything to do with singing, it had to be in a massive group. Anything solo was for the icky show-offs that everyone only pretended to like.

But getting up in front of all your little frenemies and singing like William Hung seems to be an integral part of childhood in this post-boy band era. Kids these days appear to all be wholeheartedly addicted to American Idol and that freaking High School Musical thing. (What is it about? Should I be glad that I don't know?) And apparently it's necessary to have the ability to share your lovely singing voice with everyone wherever you go, which is why the geniuses behind High School Musical's toy tie-ins have created a sleepover duffel bag so that you can be the life of every fifth-grade party.

This shiny purple piece of luggage comes with speakers that unzip at each end, space in the middle for your MP3 player of choice, and the obligatory microphone hook-up. I'm sure there's also plenty of room for a pink Razr, your cutest pajamas, pictures of all the boys from your homeroom, and several bottles of Hard Candy nail polish.

Personally, I think showing up even at a fourth-grade slumber party with one of these would be, to quote Mean Girls, "social suicide." But considering my friends only have sleepovers when they're in no state to remember which subway will take them home at 3:45 AM, and considering that I'm old enough to remember Billy Ray Cyrus as "that country singer whose one hit made everybody run screaming from the dance floor" rather than "the dad on Hannah Montana," maybe I just don't get it.

Kids these days...

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