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Baby zombie costume chews up, spits out cutesy Halloween outfits

Introduce your little angel to the zombie lifestyle with a Zombabiez torso-only zombie costume.

Zombabiez costume
Who's a cute widdle zombie? You are!
Stephanie Davidson

If you have a baby, you will probably be whipping up a wee Halloween costume this year. That costume will likely be something adorable, like a smiling pumpkin, a teddy bear, or a cute little cow.

Enough is enough. No more princesses or bunnies. It's time that geek parents stood up and demanded zombies for their babies, and Kickstarter project Zombabiez is answering the call.

Few things are simultaneously as pitiful and terrifying as a torso-only zombie, crawling desperately forward, dragging its entrails, and trying so hard to eat your brains. "The Walking Dead" uses this image to great effect. With Zombabiez, so can you.

The costume features plush entrails dangling down from a plaid shirt. It comes in a one-size-fits-most-babies for youngsters up to 9 months old. It's made from baby-safe materials and the smaller bits are tacked down so baby can safely chew on the fake intestines.

The Zombabiez costume seems to have struck a nerve (or a colon) with the baby-toting geek community. The project has already topped its $9,700 goal.

The costume-only option costs a pledge of $60. This option is currently limited to just 100 orders. There are about 30 slots left. The costumes are slated to be delivered in time for this Halloween, so you might want to start preparing for the cutest zombie apocalypse ever by stockpiling diapers and pacifiers.

Zombabiez costume
The costume, front and back, even comes with a plush spine. Stephanie Davidson