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Baby, you can guide my car

Volkswagen shows off its child navigation system

I see we're not there yet. Popular Mechanics

The options are looking even better for digitally minded chauffeur-driven tykes. After they have caught up on their e-mail and watched a movie or two, they might soon be able tap into a just-for-kids navigation system being developed by Volkswagen.

The prototype child navigation system comes complete with GPS data and a time worm that eats away the hours until arrival. Kids can also use the screen to play games and in-seat exercises.

The system is one of six ideas that Volkswagen is kicking around at its German test facilities. Others include an electronic sun visor, which uses an eye monitor and a sun-status sensor to darken the car's windshield to minimize glare; and a innovative traffic decongestion proposal that instructs cars to accelerate before reaching the trouble spot to increase traffic throughput. You can check out all six concepts over at Popular Mechanics.

Source: Popular Mechanics