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Baby Shark is going on tour, as if it's not doo-doo-dooing enough

If you know a parent you really hate, buy them tickets to this.

You will never, ever get this song out of your head.
Round Room Presents

Baby Shark is going on tour, because that crazy-addictive kids' song and a related planned TV show just aren't enough to drive parents crazy.

Entertainment production company Round Room Live is presenting what it calls a "fully immersive concert experience" based on the viral hit from children's entertainment company Pinkfong. The tour will visit more than 100 cities in the US and Canada. The schedule won't be announced until July 9, but interested earworm-seekers can sign up at babysharklive.com to be notified when there's news.

But you can't just sing Baby Shark (doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo) over and over again, so the characters will sing and dance through other kid-favorite songs, including Five Little Monkeys, Wheels on the Bus, Jungle Boogie and Monkey Banana Dance.

The original Baby Shark video has more than 2.9 billion views in nearly three years on YouTube.