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Baby born at Legoland gets lifetime pass to Lego heaven

A newborn baby in the UK can look forward to endless Lego experiences thanks to the unlikely location of his birth.

Congratulations, Lucas. Legoland Windsor

Lucas Atkinson will have an amazing story about his birth. And it's all true.

Lucas arrived into the world on August 30 in an unusual place: the parking lot at the Legoland Windsor Resort in the UK.

Janine Atkinson was on her way to the hospital to give birth, but Lucas wasn't willing to wait. She pulled over at Legoland and her son became the first baby born there.

"To celebrate his very special birth place, Lucas has been given the gift of a lifetime worth of visits to the resort! How awesome is that?" Legoland Windsor posted in a Facebook update along with a photo of the happy family and a glimpse at the baby's birth certificate.

The certificate is very specific about the location: "Legoland Windsor, Winkfield Road, Windsor on the way to Wexham Park Hospital Slough."

Lucas can look forward to exploring the Land of the Vikings, Knights Kingdom, Pirate Shores, Lego City and the Kingdom of the Pharaohs as he gets older. He will no doubt enjoy Duplo Valley as soon as he's old enough to walk. His name will also be displayed on a wall of Legoland lifetime pass holders.

The pass is quite a coup for a youngster. A regular individual annual pass costs £169 (US$260, AU$369).

If this story follows through to its Hollywood ending, then Lucas will grow up to be a Lego Master Builder, which isn't much of a stretch considering his birthplace and the fact that his father's occupation on his birth certificate is listed as "builder." The Lego is strong with this one.