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B&O speakers could use a little makeup

They probably sound great, but the design comes up short in our book.

Bang & Olufsen

Some of us at Crave are an admittedly superficial lot, one that's particularly taken with just about anything that comes from the designers at Bang & Olufsen. But not this time.

The Danish company's "BeoLab 3" speakers seem kind of like a high-tech interpretation of the emperor's clothes--they look almost naked, but we're supposed to laud their innovative design. Given B&O's track record, however, we have little doubt that they'll provide quality sound; according to Luxurylaunches, each unit houses three drivers with a tweeter positioned on top like a periscope, all the while employing Acoustic Lens Technology. It's just that, with these particular aluminum-and-rubber models, we wouldn't feel as if we were getting our money's worth for $3,200.