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B&O player does it again, but will it blend?

The luxury company makes another run at an MP3 player.


We can't imagine why, but some might say the world really doesn't need another MP3 player. But Bang & Olufsen rarely seems to play by conventional rules--or wisdom.

True to form, the high-end company has taken yet another unexpected turn. The "BeoSound 6" is surprisingly simple, as Engadget rightly observes, given the B&O reputation for flamboyance in its various products. But sometimes, less is more: As evidenced by the "BeoSound 2," unconventional form doesn't necessarily translate to exceptional quality.

The BeoSound 6 is nevertheless sleekly designed with its silver casing, spare controls and thin color LCD. One thing hasn't changed, however, is the company's penchant for exorbitant pricing--in this case, more than $800. But hey, if it turns out to be a piece of junk, you can always toss it in a blender and sell the remains on eBay.