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Awww. Watch R2-D2 fall in love with the droid he's looking for

In the incredibly cute short film "Artoo in Love," the whimsical droid sets out on a journey to find his one true love. It's enough to make your heart go beep beep beep boop.

A long time ago, in a galaxy not very far away at all, R2-D2 set out on a journey to find true love.

"Artoo in Love" is a short film by writer and director Evan Atherton that follows the whimsical "Star Wars" droid as he tries to court a pretty peculiar choice of partner, only to discover after trying to win her over that she belongs to another. Now heartbroken, Artoo sadly and aimlessly wanders through the streets of San Francisco and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area, until he makes a discovery that could change his life forever.

Of course, Crave contributor Bonnie Burton is already married to R2-D2, but while she could be devastated that her bae is out playing the field, she seems OK with it. "We have an open-source marriage," Bonnie says, "so he can see other droids and I can see other humans."

Will R2-D2 ever find his one true droid love? Check out the short above to find out, then head to the Artoo in Love website to learn more about the project and the team behind it.

(Via Laughing Squid)