'Avengers' superfan sits pretty in HulkBuster high chair

Nothing makes a baby feel all-powerful more than a handcrafted HulkBuster high chair. The latest "Super-Fan Builds" creation gives a little girl a suit that would impressive even Tony Stark.

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Whomever sits in this HulkBuster high chair clearly gets the last cookie. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Even babies need to show off their geek pride, and in the latest episode of the extreme crafting show "Super-Fan Builds," we get to see one lucky "Iron Man" fan get the ultimate high chair perfect for dominating the dinner table or battling the Hulk. If Tony Stark had a kid, this would be his high chair.

The "Super-Fan Builds" webseries showcases the impressive skills of movie prop designers, led by film industry veteran Tim Baker. Along with his talented gang of artists and craftspeople, he builds amazing tributes to TV shows, movies and video games for superfans nominated by their family and friends.

In this week's episode, Baker and crew built a HulkBuster high chair for geek mom Natasha Vineyard and her baby daughter Amelia, who are both huge fans of "The Avengers" -- especially Iron Man. Natasha's friend Brandon Hillock said in the video that he nominated her for "Super-Fan Builds" because of her dedication to her children and her love for "The Avengers."

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"She's a single mom and she works her butt off to provide for two gorgeous daughters on her own, that makes it so she doesn't get to do as much as most nerds get to do like Comic-Con," Hillock said. "I felt like this is the perfect opportunity to bring something that no one else out there that us nerds will never have, she can bring home and share with her family only."

Amelia makes for an impressive Avenger in her new high chair. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

The HulkBuster is the giant suit that Tony Stark wears in "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" to battle the Hulk. To support the bulk of the added chestpiece and other parts of the suit -- which is made from sculpted foam -- Baker and his team make a new, sturdier frame for the high chair. The pieces are assembled using epoxy and dowels.

The chest opens up to place the baby inside and also insert a tray. While the suit looks like it could take on the Hulk in a fight over the last cookie, the team also made it comfy with a new seat cushion. The final red paint job, with gold and silver accents, are added along with LED lighting to give it that extra pizzaz.

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Natasha and her daughter were very impressed with the final product. "You can turn my baby into Iron Man," Natasha laughed.

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