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Avengers react to 'Justice League' trailer in snarky mashup video

Avengers Assemble -- to watch the League unite. Sure, Bruce Wayne's rich, but Tony Stark thinks he can match him million for million.

The new "Justice League" teaser came out Saturday, and by Sunday morning, was the No. 1 trending video on YouTube, with more than 11 million views.

Some of those viewers were a snarky group of Marvel superheroes who spotted more than a few similarities between themselves and the heroes in the trailer. The YouTube channel DrMachakil posted a mashup on Saturday showing how Earth's Mightiest Heroes might react to watching their DC Comics counterparts unite the league.

The best moments, naturally, come from Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). Let's just say that when Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) declares that his superpower is that "I'm rich," he's got a little competition over at Stark Industries.

The video's creator claims not to be taking sides, writing, "I love both Marvel and DC, so this is some really exciting period we live in right now." Apparently fans agree -- the mashup video had nearly 1.3 million views of its own by Sunday afternoon.

"Justice League" comes to theaters on Nov. 17 in the US and UK and on Nov. 16 in Australia.