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AVADirect continues small gaming PC trend

AVADirect joins Maingear and HP in offering small, gaming systems.

AVADirect's new slimtower GT3 custom gaming PC.

We can't help but feel a little responsible for AVADirect's newly announced GT3 Custom Gaming PCs.

A few months back, we linked to a blog post from Ed Borden highlighting GTR Tech's seemingly ignored GT3 slim tower desktop case as a 2-year-old precursor to HP's Firebird. Following that post, we heard from an enthusiastic Misha Troshin, CMO of AVADirect, informing us of his intention to sign up with GTR Tech for the GT3.

A chief benefit of the GT3 is that it offers a slim profile, but it also lets you add a full-size graphics card. Based on AVADirect's high-end processor offerings, including Intel Core i7 Extreme chips, we don't believe it's using the GT3 to go after both a small footprint and power efficiency, making it more in keeping with the likes of Falcon Northwest's FragBox 2 and Maingear's X-Cube, as opposed to the HP Firebird and Maingear Pulse.

The starting price for the AVADirect GT3 gaming system is $948.82 for the AMD version, and $1,239.92 for the Intel-based model. Based on the art featured on AVADirect's Web page, at least, the company has also apparently addressed our chief complaint about the original GT3 case, swapping out the Miami Vice-blue lettering on the front for decidedly less-rad white.