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AutoWed: Romantic robo-weddings for geek love

Why drop thousands of dollars on a wedding ceremony when the robotic voice of Concept Shed's AutoWed will join you together in marriage for just one buck?

Will you auto-marry me? (Click to enlarge.)
Concept Shed

The cost of the recent royal nuptials over in England has been estimated at more than $20 million. The happy couple could have saved a lot of cash and hassle by getting hitched by the AutoWed instead.

The AutoWed is a one-off device built by Concept Shed for Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Detroit. The creators describe it as part parking meter, part Cadillac, part cathedral, and a little bit steampunk. It stands an impressive 8 feet tall.

The Pepto Bismol-pink device lets users choose from straight, gay, lesbian, and Best Friends Forever unions. For $1, the machine dispenses a pair of plastic rings and a customized receipt for commemorating your special day.

The ceremony is accompanied with mechanized music and a stiffly robotic voice. It's like having Robby the Robot officiate at your wedding.

If you think programming in C++ is romantic or you have a gift registry at RadioShack, then this is the marriage ceremony for you and your sweetie.

AutoWed does give participants with cold feet a way out. "Press 1 for 'I do.' Press 2 for 'Escape.'"

There may be only one AutoWed out there right now, but Concept Shed is willing to take orders for more of the devices. This could become a common sight in every smoky casino corner in Las Vegas.

AutoWed Wedding Machine by Concept Shed from Conceptshed on Vimeo.