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Automatically upload photos with Dropbox Android beta, get free space

Dropbox has released a beta version of its Android app, allowing you to automatically upload photos and videos, and earn free space while you're at it. Who doesn't need more Dropbox space?

After the recentdesktop beta release,allowing users to earn up to 5GB of additional space, Dropbox has released a beta version of its Android app, giving users to potential to claim the same 5GB of space another way.

Before you get all excited and think the 5GB of space along with the 5GB you earned from using the desktop beta, sorry, you can only earn 5GB total.

  1. To get started with the Dropbox Android beta you will need to visit this Dropbox forum post to download and then install the APK.

  2. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  3. After installing Dropbox version 2.0.9 for Android, you will be greeted with the setup process to automatically upload photos and videos.

  4. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  5. The setup process is short and sweet, leaving you with only one decision to make; allow Dropbox to upload photos and videos via Wi-Fi only, or upload over Wi-Fi and your data plan.

    If you are on a tiered data plan, not a grandfathered unlimited plan, your best bet is to stick with Wi-Fi only. Dropbox removed the previous limit of 180MB uploads in this latest build, meaning that 20-minute video of your cat chasing a laser will automatically upload when you are done recording, thus using up a good amount of your data plan.

  6. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani
  7. Going forward, after you take a photo or video Dropbox will automatically upload it to the Camera Uploads folder in your account. Pretty neat, eh?

So, how do you earn the 5GB of extra storage? Well, for your first photo upload, you will earn 500MB, for each additional 500MB uploaded you will earn another 500MB of storage up to 4.5GB. All in all, earning up to 5GB total.