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Automatically convert files with Wappwolf

Wappwolf is a Webapp that lets users set up automatic file conversion and other neat tricks using Dropbox and Google Drive.

It's getting simpler to automate all sorts of day-to-day tasks, and cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive make these tools even more powerful. Wappwolf is a Webapp that lets you set up rules for automating tasks set to run on files you drop into particular folders. It's easy to use, and quite powerful. Here's how to set up automatic file conversions: 

  1. Point your browser to Wappwolf. 
  2. Click "Try Now!" to set up a free account. You can either use your Dropbox account or an e-mail address. 
    Wappwolf Rob Lightner/CNET
  3. Select a folder to start the automation process, or click New Folder to create a new one, then click Next. Now you choose what happens to files you drop in the folder. There are a lot of options; you may want to browse around for inspiration. We're focusing on file format conversion, so scroll down to Audio, and click Convert Audio, then select the format you want your files to switch to, add advanced options if you like, then click Add action.
  4. You can add more actions if you like. "Delete the original file" is a good option for this kind of conversion. 

That's it! You should note that you can also convert images, documents, and e-books, plus take care of all sorts of other neat things like sharing, signing PDFs, and stripping location data from images.

There are plenty of other ways to automate tasks and make the most of Dropbox: