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Automated selfie mirror catches you smiling

Take the guesswork out of capturing the perfect selfie with a high-tech mirror that waits for a nice smile before it grabs a photo.

Selfie Mirror
Smile, you're on camera. iStrategyLabs

Selfies are fraught with peril. You either have to hold out a camera in front of you and hope you're aiming well, or you have to resort to using a mirror, which (let's be honest) makes you look a bit like a narcissist. If only there were another option. Oh wait, there is. The Selfie mirror from iStrategyLabs is here to help.

The mirror's name is actually S.E.L.F.I.E., for "Self-Enchancing Live Feed Image Engine." The box behind the two-way mirror contains a camera, a Mac Mini running facial-recognition software, and an Arduino-controlled LED countdown timer.

All you have to do is stand on your mark, smile, wait for the system to notice your pearly whites, and let it take a picture.

What elevates this way above a normal selfie that is that you can see yourself in the mirror and pose accordingly without having to hold a camera or phone. After the snap, the photo is automatically uploaded to Twitter.

If you want a Selfie mirror of your own, you can get in touch with iStrategyLabs to build you one and set it to watermark the tweeted photos with your logo.

This gadget could be a big hit for a clothing store that wants to let people share the latest style, or you could even install one in your home if you want to be a little weird. At least you could feed your selfie obsession without resorting to mildly creepy bathroom-mirror shots.