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'Automated Mahjong': Never shuffle tiles again

The table does all the work for you, including perfectly stacking tiles for each player.

EC Plaza Network

Poker may be considered the "game of champions" here in the States, but in other parts of the world mahjong holds that title. So it comes as little surprise to learn that it has its own version of the "iDealer" we mentioned earlier.

The "Automatic Mahjong Table" shuffles tiles that are funneled into a center unit and then miraculously elevates them in perfectly stacked rows before each player. (See video below.) There's even a dice tumbler that remains flush with the table's surface until a button is pushed, springing into action like a blender.

As is the case with so many products from Asia, however, we don't recommend relying on the printed directions. As Purple Pawn notes, the table's product description says it "have support for english languages."

(Thanks for the tip, David)