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Austin-area kid checks software for chipmaker

The third-grader, who started tinkering with tech at age 2, already knows more about software than probably 99.99 percent adults on the planet.

This one falls directly into the category of "why do I feel like such a wastoid when I read these kinds of stories?"

An 8-year-old boy who lives just outside of Austin, Texas, has been helping out chipmaker Actel with its software evaluation.

This didn't spring up out of nowhere. Carson Page, a third-grader, has been tinkering with technology since he was 2, according to an article in the Austin American-Statesman.

By 4, he was fixing driver problems and installing operating systems by himself. At age 7, he started programming circuits with software from Mountain View, Calif.-based Actel. The kid's "in" with the company was his dad, who is an electronic design consultant and a customer of Actel.

An Actel engineer noted that this is the first time the company has turned to an elementary school student for help with its software. Really?

The boy apparently was able to offer decent feedback, so much so that the company wants to use his services again.

"It's amazing; when you talk to him it's like you're talking to a regular guy doing design," the engineer told the Austin newspaper.

The pint-size beta tester was paid for his work with a $250 gift certificate to Fry's. I bet he was worth every penny.