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Audiovox wants to one-up other XM satellite portables

Audiovox's X2G100B portable XM/MP3 player will offer advanced features.

Audiovox's upcoming XM2Go/MP3 portable

Shhhhhh! Audiovox has been displaying the XM2Go/MP3 portable in its copious CES 2007 booth, but the company isn't quite ready to discuss details. Scheduled for a late-summer release, the X2G100B will offer a similar feature set as other XM/MP3 portables such as the Delphi SkyFi3--live and recorded XM playback, MP3 playback, storage, and so on--but company execs say they are taking some time to make sure they can equip the player with enough cool features to really differentiate it from other XM/MP3 portables.

It will likely have at least enough memory to store up to 50 hours of XM programming (assuming you're not storing any MP3s), and there will be an optional car kit for $49.

Delphi's previously announced SkyFi3 is thought to be the first XM/MP3 portable with removable memory via a microSD card slot; it offers 1.5 hours of live XM satellite radio listening or eight hours of stored XM or MP3 listening, along with an FM transmitter for use in a car, so those might be areas Audiovox is working on enhancements for. No price has been set yet.