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Audio interface inspires lots of jumping

Native Instruments releases a new two-channel audio interface made especially for DJs.

Photo of Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ.
The Native Instruments Audio 2 DJ. Native Instruments

First off, let me say that any DJ caught complaining about the inconvenience of his laptop audio interface deserves to be smacked in the head with a record crate. That said, less gear to carry is always a good thing, and the fine folks at Native Instruments have found a way to shrink their premium USB audio interfaces down to a pocket-size four-channel dynamo, appropriately called the Audio 2 DJ.

This new little bus-powered breakout box is due out in September, runs $119 list, and uses a pair of stereo 1/4-inch jacks (one for cue, one for master) to deliver your horrible trance anthems at the 24-bit/96kHz resolution they deserve. To prove its portability (or something to that effect) Native Instruments filmed a guy busting his best Parkour skills with an Audio 2 strapped to his arm. Not sure if the video makes me want to buy one, but it certainly makes me grateful for escalators.