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Audi gets Captain America into an ad and makes it palatable

Technically Incorrect: A new ad doubles as a trailer for "Captain America: Civil War" and, unlike car manufacturers like Chrysler, Audi makes the integration amusing.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

The windshield just has to go.

Audi/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Car companies are desperate to associate themselves with the fantastic worlds of sci-fi and superheroes.

Perhaps they believe that some superness will rub off on vehicles that look about as super as a rocking horse at the mall.

Audi is the latest to feature a blockbuster movie, "Captain America: Civil War."

In a new ad, a bored family (is there any other kind in car ads?) is rolling along in an Audi SQ 7 when, out of nowhere, Steve Rogers appears and does Rogery things.

It's hard to be sure from the footage whether these are all real actors from the movie or stuntpersons employed at a slightly cheaper rate.

Still, it's rather more affecting than some of the recent attempts to meld sci-fi or fantasy movies into car ads.

Chrysler's efforts have been particularly straining on the eye and the credulity. Surely you knew that Darth Vader is actually the Dodge Viper.

In this Audi ad, several of its vehicles appear, but at least the storyline offers amusement.

For example, a kid is playing with his Captain America action figure when the real thing flies around in an Audi -- after having expertly smashed the windshield, of course.

And then there's the deadpan conversation between mom and dad. Dad is far more concerned with getting social media "likes" than anything else. Perhaps that's a wry commentary on the number of superhero movies that appear to be peddled toward us with unseemly regularity.

The ad itself ends with an interesting tagline: "Audi. The brand everyone is chasing."

This, of course, appears to include the American authorities pursuing Audi after it sold a number of people (I was one) diesel cars that didn't quite have the environmentally friendly properties that were advertised.

I fear that Captain America would have chased down his Audi dealer with some aggression if he had been one of the buyers.