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Attention wine snobs: Check out the Nuvo Vino.

Wine thermometer that doesn't actually touch the wine.


A certain other Craver, who may or may not espouse symptoms of sanriophobia, is slightly disturbed by the fact that I write a lot about booze gadgetry. (See Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Exhibit D.) Consequently, when I pointed that Craver in the direction of Uncrate's coverage of a little product known as the "Nuvo Vino," he was a little bit concerned.

But here's my take on it. The presence of alcoholic beverages in human history stretches back for thousands of years, and it's legitimately interesting to see how new technology is shaping one of the oldest social pastimes. As a result, I think "booze gadgetry" is one of the most interesting things to write about on Crave. Take the Nuvo Vino, for example. It's an infrared thermometer that can measure the temperature of wine without touching the liquid. Personally, I'm not hardcore enough to care about temperature when it comes to wine (though red wine does taste kind of nasty when it's been in the fridge) but I do know that some oenophiles are pretty particular. So, with a Nuvo Vino, you can rest assured that your guests won't stigmatize you for serving white zinfandel at a chardonnay temperature. That's like, social suicide.