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Atlanta Falcons memes fly high as Super Bowl 2017 approaches

Social media loves an underdog, and these days, that's going to be whoever goes against the Patriots.

If your favorite team didn't make it to Super Bowl LI, you might want to become an Atlanta Falcons fan for a day.

This is only Atlanta's second Super Bowl trip, following their loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII back in 1999. Do the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady's giant coat really need another Super Bowl ring? Here's a look at some of the pre-game Falcons fanfare.

Plenty of room on the Falcons bandwagon

As always when the Patriots are involved, the opponent wins plenty of new fans for doing nothing other than taking on Brady and crew.

The go-Atlanta-beat-New-England memes actually began as soon as the match-up was set.

Rise Up

Atlanta fans aren't letting the underdog status keep them down. In fact, their slogan is "Rise up."

And if you're a "Walking Dead" fan who's thinking that slogan sounds familiar, just look at the flowers.

Have a Coke and a win

Patriots fans, we suggest you switch to Pepsi for the weekend, because Atlanta's hometown Coca-Cola is a little biased.

Although the company's Twitter account tried to stay neutral in a chat with Boston's Samuel Adams beer.

Sounds of the Super Bowl

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has a suggested Spotify playlist for the big game, leading off with Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris' "Welcome to Atlanta," naturally.

Bet me

Cities love to make official bets, where one mayor agrees to run the winning team's flag up the city flagpole or something. But what's being bet between Atlanta and Boston?

Two breweries -- Samuel Adams in Boston and Atlanta's SweetWater Brewing -- made their wager come to a head.

The two state governors have a weird foodie bet involving chowder versus Brunswick stew, and cupcakes versus chocolate-covered blueberries. Do those things even go together? Sure, why not?

And here's a fictional Super Bowl bet we'd like to see.

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