Even 'The Walking Dead' rooted for Falcons over Packers

Was it the "Walking Dead" zombies who caused it, by rooting for their home-state Falcons? Because the NFC Championship Game wasn't even close.

The Georgia Dome saved the best for last Sunday. The Atlanta Falcons decimated the Green Bay Packers 44-21 in the NFC Championship game in the last NFL game ever in the Falcons' home stadium. (The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium is under construction and will host the Falcons starting in the fall.)

Twitter got in on the fun too -- though if you were from the Badger State, you were likely cheesed off.

First, the zombies and survivors on "The Walking Dead" accidentally were pulled into the fray, when a promo photo for the AMC show used the same "Rise Up" slogan that the Falcons use. Well, the show IS filmed in Georgia...

But the poor Packers had more to worry about than what color jerseys the undead were sporting, and their loss left some on social media positively giddy.

Me and Julio, down by the Georgia Dome
Falcon wide receiver Julio Jones was the social-media star of the game.

Never too old to cheer
Former president (and ex-Georgia governor) Jimmy Carter, 92, and wife Rosalynn, 89, were among the famous fans spotted in the stands.

Don't stop believing!
Some held out hope for a Packer comeback.

In an alternative world...
Some people just couldn't resist making a connection between the Packers' woes and the reaction to presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway's statement earlier Sunday about "alternative facts."

Rise up, Atlanta. You're Super Bowl-bound! But maybe leave the zombies at home.