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At the D5 confab, a high-tech A list

Steve Ballmer talks Web 2.0, Jeff Hawkins unveils the Palm Foleo, and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs share the stage.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talks Web 2.0, Palm co-founder Jeff Hawkins unveils the Foleo, and Microsoft's Bill Gates and Apple's Steve Jobs share the stage.

YouTube founders: Video ads coming

blog Chad Hurley and Steve Chen discuss today's EMI deal, copyright issues and advertising.
May 31, 2007

newsmaker Microsoft's chairman says the company's new table PC concept barely scratches the surface.
May 31, 2007

Google's Eric Schmidt: Viacom's lawsuit is 'just a mistake'

blog Asked about the $1 billion Viacom lawsuit against YouTube, Google CEO says, "it was probably just a mistake."
May 31, 2007

Custom D5 Stephen Colbert video pulled from D5 site, but it's back now

Webware blog News of the weird: Custom D5 Stephen Colbert video pulled from D5 site.
May 31, 2007

Jobs, Gates share D5 stage

blog Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Apple CEO Steve Jobs share friendly banter on the stage at the D5 conference.
May 30, 2007

A device the company billed as "a new category of mobile device" is in reality a small, underpowered laptop best suited for reading e-mail.

May 30, 2007

Next month, Apple TV owners will have the option of watching all that user-generated video has to offer on their big-screen TVs.

May 30, 2007

George Lucas at D5: Pirates and games

Crave blog The intergalactic movie mogul talks digital effects and offers a preview of the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
May 30, 2007

Jason Calacanis' Mahalo: Screw the long tail

Webware blog Even in a world filled with Google alternatives, this search tool stands out: it's powered by humans.
May 30, 2007

Palm's new gizmo is...

blog Seems like a workable companion to people who live cell phone-centric lives. The thing is, most of them already have laptops.
May 30, 2007

Steve Ballmer on Web 2.0

Webware blog Onstage with Walt Mossberg and talking online apps, the Microsoft honcho simply will not say the word "Google."
May 30, 2007

This time around, the computer's in the pen, which records what's being written, and even records and plays back sound.
The New York Times
May 30, 2007

D5 conference report: Swag out the wazoo

blog There have been overflowing goodie bags before, but nothing like this. In fact, the D5 bag is actually two bags.
May 29, 2007

Qigo: Keys for Web sites

Webware blog The USB sticks with small executables are a marketing ploy, but may actually have some potential--at least as collectibles.
May 30, 2007

As the Microsoft and Apple execs get ready to share the stage at D5, we look at other times the tech titans have done a joint bill.
May 25, 2007