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AT&T scoops up Sony Ericssons

Sony Ericsson W580i and Z310a land at America's largest carrier.

Sony Ericsson W580i
Sony Ericsson

Less than a week after we reviewed the excellent Sony Ericsson W580i, AT&T has added the Walkman handset to its lineup. Available for a very reasonable $79 (normally $269), the W580i offers a sexy slider design and the usual high-end Walkman features, all of which deliver solid performance. Apparently, AT&T only offers the white version, which is a pity since we prefer the gray and black models.

Sony Ericsson Z310a AT&T

AT&T also added the Sony Ericsson Z310a, which is low-end handset in a flip phone design. Its features are limited to a VGA camera, text messaging, and 14MB of internal memory. It comes in three colors: blush bronze, lush pink, or jet black. AT&T is offering the latter two hues. The Z310 is $179 if you buy it outright, but you can get it free if you sign a contract.