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AT&T joins Jobs in saying a 3G iPhone will come next year

AT&T's CEO promises that the carrier will carry a 3G iPhone in 2008.

Coming in 3G
Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

We heard it from Apple CEO Steve Jobs already, but now AT&T also is saying that the carrier will offer a 3G iPhone. According to Bloomberg News, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said yesterday that a 3G version of Apple's cell phone will be available in 2008. Stephenson didn't elaborate on exactly when we'd see it--though Jobs had said late in 2008--nor did he say exactly what features it would offer. And as for a price (currently the iPhone retails for $399), Stephenson said that would be up to Jobs to dictate.

Many reviewers (CNET included) have criticized the iPhone's lack of 3G support, particularly since AT&T has a robust 3G network. But Jobs has defended the omission by saying that the 3G chip sets take up too much space, and thus would make the iPhone larger, and that 3G use would eat up excessive battery life. Stephenson didn't say whether those problems have been solved, but personally, we'd be willing to accept a fatter iPhone for the chance to browse the wireless Web at 3G speeds. And yes, we say, even with the integrated Wi-Fi.