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At Sundance, reinventing the movie biz

Tech takes the spotlight at the high-profile film festival, as moviemakers grapple with online releases and the likelihood viewers will watch video on a cell phone.

Tech takes the spotlight at the high-profile Sundance Film Festival, as moviemakers grapple with online releases and who'll watch video on a cell phone.

Indie film market eyes digital future at Sundance

Filmmakers expect that new technology will loosen the grip that Hollywood's major studios have on film releasing and lower industry costs.
January 28, 2006

blog There's always at least one movie at the Sundance Film Festival that you can't stop thinking about.
January 28, 2006

photos It isn't just Hollywood stars at the festival--some Web notables make cameo appearances.
January 24, 2006

Sundance online poses quandary for filmmakers

But audiences might appreciate being able to skip the pricey flights, tickets and hotels, and avoid the freezing temperatures.
January 23, 2006

blog The roles of filmmakers, podcasters and bloggers are beginning to blur, Sundance panelists said.
January 24, 2006

Big film festival focuses on small screen

A panel at the Sundance Film Festival mulls the issue of mobile content and the future of cinema on the go.
January 22, 2006

In the theater today and on DVD tonight

IFC Entertainment unveils a plan to release 24 films in theaters and on cable at the same time this year.
The New York Times
January 22, 2006

blogma The mainstream media discovers blogging at this year's Sundance Film Festival.
January 22, 2006

Tech plays supporting role at Sundance festival

More than half of this year's films will screen in a high-definition format, but technology can be found offscreen as well.
January 18, 2006

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Soderbergh does a DVD-theater release combo

Partnered with billionaire Mark Cuban, the art-house director takes on traditional Hollywood business practices.
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January 12, 2006