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At RSA, high security meets high fashion--sort of

Just a few of the doodads up for grabs at the RSA Security Conference.

Michael Kanellos/CNET Networks

Pictured here are just some of the many doodads up for grabs at the RSA Security Conference, taking place in San Francisco this week. Once again, our own National Security Agency remains one of the organizations that showed it knows how to make a splash at the show. This year they gave away these handsome blue-and-white tote bags that look like they came straight from a department store.

Michael Kanellos/<br />
CNET Networks" caption="" alt=""/>

And, if you waited patiently in line, you could get this commemorative Department of Homeland Security medal. It's actually quite heavy. You can also slip it into your wallet and pretend it's a badge.

Like in past years, the NSA also exhibited one of the best things on the show floor: one of the surviving Enigma machines the Germans used to encode documents during World War II. The captured Enigma machines gave British crackers the toehold they needed to break the codes and determine upcoming raids.

Michael Kanellos/CNET Networks

The T-shirt doesn't come from the NSA. Instead, it comes from eEye Security. But we liked it anyway.

It's remarkable. RSA used to be a somewhat small conference held in the Masonic Auditorium. Now it takes up two huge halls. You hackers really have made a security boom!