Jared Leto and Ezra Miller face off at Met Gala

The actors go head to head to head to head in bizarre, meme-worthy costumes.

Bonnie Burton
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Bonnie Burton
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Actor Jared Leto shows that sometimes two heads are better than one at the 2019 Met Gala in New York.

The Met Museum/Twitter

When the theme of the annual Met Gala is "camp," you know things are gonna get weird.

Actors Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) and Ezra Miller (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) took the camp theme to a whole new level with unusual fashion statements one might say were a "head" above the rest.

Leto wore a long-sleeved red, silk gown encrusted with jewels from Gucci. But the real showstopper was the decapitated wax-like replica of Leto's own head, which he carried around like a macabre purse

This head accessory is one of Gucci's creepy head clutches that debuted during Milan Fashion Week back in February.

This isn't the first time Leto shocked gawkers at the Met Gala, aka the annual benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. Last year, he attended dressed as Jesus Christ in Gucci for the Met's Heavenly Bodies theme.

Leto had some fierce competition Monday. All eyes were on fellow actor Ezra Miller. Literally.

Miller's Burberry suit was stylish, but it was his face that turned heads. Miller carried a face mask on a stick, hiding his own face painted with five optical-illusion eyeballs next to his real eyes, equaling seven eyes in total.

Miller saw his weird masked look partly as a death. "Like this ultimate transformation that we all have to do at least once. The celebration of camp is almost funereal ... It's almost like it dies as it walks in the room. But I think it consumes the other as well. You know? I think it's like fire and oxygen," Miller told Vice on Monday.

As expected, people on social media went bonkers for both outfits.

Twitter memes compared Leto's beheaded costume with that of the flamboyant, two-headed character Zaphod Beeblebrox from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And in some cases, Leto's outfit was likened with the two-headed Halloween costume worn by The Office's Michael Scott (played Steve Carell).

"Jared Leto's being extremely Jared Leto right now," one Twitter user wrote.

"OK so, 10 out of 10 points for style, but minus several million for originality," tweeted another.

In Miller's case, fans thought his multi-eyed costume was wink-worthy.

"Ezra Miller. He came. He slayed," wrote one Twitter user.

"Ezra Miller proves that aliens have in fact visited our planet," another tweeted.

"This look from Ezra Miller is more magical than all the Fantastic Beasts movies combined," wrote another.

I guess four heads are better than one. Or two? I'm not quite sure what's going on here.