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At last! Angry Birds and CERN to create board game

Rovio, the nice Angry Birds maker and CERN, the very nice people who house the Large Hadron Collider, get together to enhance your gaming experience. Why?

We're here for your Einsteins. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I think I have found a solution for Zynga.

The company needs to get together with the United Nations peacekeeping forces around the world and create a board game in which people get killed, but not really.

How is it that I have had this quite brilliant notion?

Well, I have been stimulated by the news that Rovio, they who have enriched so many lives with Angry Birds, have got together with CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research, landlord for the Large Hadron Collider) to create new and amusing experiences to exercise young minds.

These will be under a new brand called Angry Birds Playground. (Because "angry" and "play" always go well together.)

I am grateful to TechCrunch for revealing that this odd coupling has been brought about because Rovio is rather keen on being a teacher.

No, not a company that teaches starlings to commit assault. Rather, it wants young kids to be excited about science.

Should you be muttering "good luck with that," I quite understand. However, Rovio believes that some new books and a board game can begin to help children as young as 3 discover their long-lost excitement for, um, quantum physics.

A statement from Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka declared: "With Playground products, kids can have fun and learn more about physics than they would've in the 'old-fashioned' style of learning."

He added: "I've been to CERN and experienced it myself. It's a fun place to visit!" There can be no doubt about that. These are the people who discovered, possibly, probably, the God Particle. (Has the Higgs boson been partying with the Bad Piggies?) They are not to be messed with. They are to have fun with.

It is quite certain that we need more quantum physicists. Certainly more than we need politicians, lawyers or commissioners of sports.

I am sure that, one day, a Nobel Prize winner for Physics will stand and give credit to Angry Birds for nudging her into her chosen profession.