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At last! A Taylor Swift video game

Technically Incorrect: The great songstress follows in the footsteps of the great hypestress Kim Kardashian by launching a video game through Glu Mobile.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Will she win at gaming? Of course she will.


Modern stardom doesn't involve just being good at one thing.

It's about taking your talents -- and your image -- to multiple vehicles and allowing your faithful to tug at your hem in a multitude of ways.

Kim Kardashian has proved this. Where she goes, Taylor Swift has decided to follow.

The great songstress and icon of post-pubic empowerment is launching a video game and it's with the very same company that Kardashian had her great gaming success.

Glu Mobile announced Wednesday that Swift will put her name to "a new, one-of-a-kind digital gaming experience."

There are few details as to what this gaming experience will entail. Glu did reveal that it would be released toward the end of this year.

Kardashian's Glu game -- called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood -- was said to have made $74 million in 2014 and around $200 million last year. It allows players to create their own "aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune!"

What might a Taylor Swift game involve?

Those of calcified temperament might mutter that it would be a game in which you met famous young male singers, broke up with them and wrote songs about them.

I wouldn't stoop to such suggestions. Wouldn't it be fun, though, if it comprised battles against large corporations -- Apple, for example -- to gain justice for all the talented singers in the world?

After all, it was Swift who stood firm against Apple when it tried to launch its music service and not pay the artists during the free trial period.

In real life, as in gaming, there are different levels. They can become more difficult. Characters can take on many guises -- in Swift's case, enemies can become bosom buddies.

A visit to any Apple store at the end of last year would have seen ads promoting Swift's concert video, exclusively available on Apple Music.

So might this game echo Kardashian's and allow you to rise and fall in the music business, using your own wits and fingers?

Glu's press release insists that the company is "committed to designing never before seen gameplay elements that utilize Taylor's unique creativity. Accordingly, we will spend the required development time to ensure this innovation is achieved."

I feel sure that Swift's new enterprise will be a great success. She has 74 million Facebook followers and 70.4 million on Twitter. She also won an Emmy last year for Best Original Interactive Program. It was entitled: "AMEX Unstaged: Taylor Swift Experience."

What might her game be called? Girl Squad? Bad Blood? Fearless? Blank Space? The possibilities are endless.