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At last! A sci-fi brothel near Vegas

Celebrated brothel owner Dennis Hof is opening the Alien Cathouse, a sci-fi themed brothel that promises "girls from another world."

Techies have more money than anyone but the bloated, floating egos on Wall Street.

Who, then, could not admire the enterprise that is melding the carnal joys of the brothel with an atmosphere that will make the most nervous nerd feel at home?

The Alien Cathouse is the name of a soon-to-be sci-fi brothel just northwest of Vegas. The way the Las Vegas Review-Journal teases it, this pulsating brainwave will offer "girls from another world."

Whether this world will be Chico or the Planet Cha-Cha-Muluumba is not yet known.

Beaming Up? CC RenaissanceChambara/Flickr

What is clear is that this is the work of HBO reality TV pimp, Dennis Hof, the man who once offered the beautiful quote: "I don't date civilians."

Hof has reportedly already bought a rundown brothel (yes, they do exist) 90 miles to the northwest of Vegas. The brothel also enjoys a gas station and convenience store in its vicinity. The threesome is being renamed "The Area 51 Alien Travel Center."

No, it's not exactly in Area 51. But it's not far from the Nevada Test Site. So it's got sci-fi coursing through its loins.

Many of you will be wondering if the ladies employed at the brothel will be dressed as little green men. Or rather little green women.

This, apparently, is still being discussed with the costume designer, a lady of whom you might have heard. Her name is Heidi Fleiss.

Some will find themselves fighting depression on hearing that the Alien Cathouse will not be open in time for CES, though it might be ready for liftoff shortly afterward.

But those who dream of going boldly where some might fear to tiptoe will surely already be planning a Vegas excursion.

I feel sure that there will be many stories soon told of galaxies discovered and paroxysms experienced.

I feel equally sure that the Alien Cathouse will find many startups being engendered in its waiting room, as minds are sharpened, future worlds contemplated and life's true meanings cogitated.

It's sure to be a success beyond one's wildest imaginings.