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At last! A Bill Gates one-man show

For four nights (and one matinee) this week, tech aficionados and theater types will be able to see "Windows," a one-man play featuring Microsoft's Bill Gates. Or rather an actor playing Bill Gates.

Steve Jobs has taken up most of the spotlight in recent days. And weeks. And months. And years.

He's even had a play written about him, "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs."

Why hasn't anyone written a play about Microsoft's Bill Gates? Would there be insufficient drama? Would it be hard to cast someone in the role?

Please fear not. For tonight sees the opening of "Windows", a one-man, rollicking, standing-in-the-aisles Bill Gates extravaganza.

"Not tonight, Josephine," said the Napoleon of the Internet. CC DFID/UK Department For International Development/Flickr

The L.A. Times tells me that "Windows" will grace the Odyssey Theater in L.A.

The show was written by a German actor called Clemens Schick. You might remember him as a villain in the Bond movie "Casino Royale."

"Windows" has no fixed script. There will, apparently, be stand-up comedy, performance and theater. And the theater notes make for exciting reading.

They describe Gates as the "Napoleon of the Internet community." They also offer this: "Award-winning German theater and film actor Clemens Schick opens a window into the soul of Bill Gates: the fear of landlessness, the narcissistic fantasy to impress the world, the desire for security that rests only when it has conquered the globe."

You'd think that would be enough to whet your desires. But, no. The notes also insist the work will cover "the fear of dissolution and proximity, which protects itself by being electronically armored."

So this won't quite be like "Glee" or "Modern Family." It does sound a little like "Two and A Half Men," with all roles played by Bill Gates.

"Windows" is only on from tonight through Sunday. I am sure private planes have already been hired in Redmond and will be filled with excited attendees.