At DigitalLife, a gadget bonanza

The New York tech show gets started with a number of product debuts, including Gateway's latest all-in-one PC.

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The New York tech show hosts a number of product debuts, including Gateway's latest all-in-one PC, Palm's Centro phone and a pair of new iRobot gadgets.

At DigitalLife, cool toys but no clear direction

reporter's notebook The consumer trade show can't decide whether it's for industry geeks or the general public.
September 28, 2007

Video: DigitalLife 2007 wrap-up

Ms. Pac-Man's still got it

DigitalLife 2007 visitors flock to Namco booth for old-school gaming, despite presences of Halo and Guitar Hero.
September 28, 2007

Lotsa laptops at DigitalLife 2007

A trio of new laptops--from Dell, Toshiba and HP--might be just what mobile gaming fans are looking for.
September 27, 2007

Something to strap on your Wii controller

Atlantic's GameKeeper unveils a fashion accessory that doubles as a safety device. No more accidental flinging?
September 27, 2007

A taste of Valley culture amid consumer-tech blitz

The TechCrunch-sponsored "Disruptors" panel featured some compelling inquiries--it's too bad so few people actually turned up.
September 27, 2007

iRobot CEO: Forget 'The Jetsons'

Chief executive Colin Angle offers a vision for the robot home contrary to the one you might have looked forward to as a kid.
September 27, 2007

Photos: iRobot phones home, cleans gutters

Two vastly different robots unveiled at DigitalLife offer practicality and Jetsons frivolity for the home.
A robot for fall fallout
iRobot not just phoning it in
September 27, 2007

Palm Centro for Sprint gets official

Company hopes it will attract a new customer base of those ready to make the jump from cell phone to smart phone.
September 27, 2007

Spykee instead of Spike to watch the house?

When triggered by a motion sensor, Erector's robot takes 3 photos of what it sees and sends them to a portable device.
September 27, 2007

Friendster, in a bid for popularity, introduces 'Fan Profiles'

Flagging social network introduces way for celebrities, organizations to create profiles. But, it probably won't ameliorate its problems.
September 27, 2007

Gateway mimics Apple with 'One'

Jumping on the design-and-simplicity bandwagon, it unveils desktop touted as option for those who don't want to shell out the bucks for, well, Apple.
Photos: The skinny on the Gateway One
The Gateway One--more like a seven
September 27, 2007

Review: Gateway One

It has a sleek design and best in class upgrade-ability and cable management, but also a small screen and slow performance for the price.
September 27, 2007

Linksys bows two Vista-friendly Media Center Extenders

Cisco's Linksys consumer networking brand announces two Media Center Extenders, including one with a built-in DVD player.
September 26, 2007

D-Link DSM-750 combines Extender, online video service

Due in November, the D-Link DSM-750 combines a Windows Media Extender with video service active-TV, delivering more than 200 content "channels."
September 26, 2007

At press kickoff, everyone just wants to play 'Guitar Hero III'

Earth to Ziff Davis: Don't hold a Guitar Hero III demo when you're trying to make people listen.
September 25, 2007

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