At CeBit, limitless gadgets

At world's largest computer fair, gadget folk put fancy gear into smaller cases to make mobile digital lifestyle easier to tote along.

CNET News staff
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At CeBit tech show in Hannover, Germany, gadget folk from computer makers to cell phone designers put fancy gear into smaller cases as part of an attempt to make mobile digital lifestyle easier to tote along.

Open-source programmer alleges Linux misuse

GPL advocate believes Motorola, 12 other companies are using Linux in violation of license that governs the software.
March 16, 2005

Tech of tomorrow

photos As CeBit tech fair winds down, visitors get a look at a video camera controlled by the eyes and a super quiet PC.
March 16, 2005

This Shuffle doesn't fall far from Apple tree

The Super Shuffle, an iPod Shuffle knockoff on display at CeBit, reportedly ruffles Apple feathers. Is legal action on the way?
March 14, 2005

IBM lets Millipede storage out for a stroll

The prototype technology works like a punch card machine and can fit huge amounts of data into a tiny space.
Photos: Millipede packs a punch
March 14, 2005

Do you speak tech?

Keeping up with technology is nothing compared to keeping up with the acronyms and jargon that come with each new wave of gadgets.
March 14, 2005

CeBit picks up the buzz on new phones

Cell phone manufacturers dial into world's biggest telecom and tech trade show to tout new built-in technologies.
Photos: Multifaceted cell phones
March 11, 2005

Fujitsu sees biometric future in palms

Never mind fingerprints and iris recognition. This scanner identifies people via the veins in their hand.
Photos: Palm-reader in security's future
March 11, 2005

At CeBit, bejeweled MP3 players, cuddly Webcams

Exhibitors even have an intelligent shoe--designed to adjust depending on whether the ground is hard or soft.
March 11, 2005

Crash helmets take cell calls

Italian company makes motorcycle helmets that allow hands-free cell calling.
March 11, 2005

Fujitsu Siemens eyes nanotech for chips

With silicon being pushed to its limits, some see carbon nanotubes as the future of chips.
March 10, 2005

Alcohol-fueled notebook

photo ZDNet UK's Ingrid Marson highlights a prototype fuel cell for notebook PCs at the CeBit trade show.
March 10, 2005

Fuel cell holds notebook promise

Another fuel cell prototype is launched, but this time it comes with a firm commitment to a finished product this year.
March 10, 2005

A 3D screen--without the goggles

New display on show at CeBit is meant to help architects and engineers visualize their designs.
Photos: Goggle-free 3D
March 10, 2005

Intel puts a PC in the dashboard

At CeBit, chipmaker puts new spin on the term "portable computer," with gadgets meant for the open road.
Photos: Intel revs up car PC
March 9, 2005