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Asus VG278H review: Great 3D, but what about that price?

The Asus VG278H is one of the best 3D monitors available, but can it overcome its plain and sometimes obtrusive design, as well as its high price?

The Asus VG278H's built-in 3D emitter makes for a less cluttered desktop. Josh Miller/CNET

When it debuted a few years ago, the Nvidia 3D Vision Kit required four components to work properly: 3D glasses, an Nvidia graphics card, a compatible display, and a separate, USB-connected 3D emitter.

In the time since that debut, not much has changed. But, while all four of those things are still required, some manufacturers have figured out how to make the process a bit more streamlined and instead of a separate USB-connected device, Asus builds the emitter into the monitor.

The VG278H also includes Nvidia's 3D Vision Kit 2 glasses; a much better-designed pair of 3D glasses compared to the first gen specs. The glasses use LightBoost tech to achieve brighter images than are typical with 3D monitors.

Still, at $600 the VG278H needs something more than great 3D performance to justify its price.

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