Asus Eee PC slated for October release

Asus Eee PC slated for October release

October doesn't mean beach weather, but that's when the Asus Eee PC will make its debut.

The $200 Asus laptop won't be making its appearance this week after all. While earlier rumors were pointing to a late September release of the Asus Eee PC, it now looks like we'll have to wait a couple more weeks for the 2-pound, 7-inch, Linux-based laptop. I spoke with my contact at Asus' new PR agency earlier today, and he confirmed that the Eee PC will go on sale sometime in October. (Three models are available for pre-order on and are estimated to ship in early October. They range in price from $259 to $399; the entry-level $199 model won't be available in the U.S.) Further details--including when we'll get a review unit and how to pronounce Eee (one long E or three short Es?)--won't be known until Asus and its new agency hold a sit-down later this week. But with a new, U.S.-based agency in tow, it's a safe bet you'll be seeing the Asus name on more products than just motherboards and video cards in the coming months.

While we wait, check out these photos that AnandTech snapped last week at IDF. The black model (it's also available in white) looks like a miniature ThinkPad, although it certainly looks like there's room for a larger display given the fat bezel that surrounds the screen. Not surprisingly, AnandTech found the keyboard to be cramped, and it felt like the keys had a little too much bounce to them.

More as I know it.