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Asus Ebox set to debut in June at Taipei show

It's the desktop version of the Asus Eee PC.

Crave UK

Hang on to your loins--it is but seven days before the launch of the hotly anticipated Asus Ebox--the desktop version of the Asus Eee PC. Are we excited? Does a bear do his business in the woods and clear up the mess with a fluffy, white rabbit? That's a yes, geekoids!

Today, our sources have confirmed the Ebox--formerly known as the Eee DT--will have a 160GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM, and run the same Linux operating system found on the Eee PC. We won't know whether it'll use an Intel Atom CPU until Asus lifts the lid at the Computex show in Taipei on June 3, but we're betting it'll use some form of mobile CPU.

Hardware-wise, the Ebox looks like it was dropped off by the same stork that delivered the Nintendo Wii. It's ever-so-slightly more lovely, however, thanks to some delicate patterns in the side, and a very contemporary aluminium-effect stand. So far, we only know about black and white models, but if the Eee PC is anything to go by, other hues should make an appearance in due course.

Pricing is unconfirmed, but expect it to be cheap---cheaper than an Eee PC, in fact. Stick around and we'll give you all the unmissable details.

(Source: Crave UK)