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Asus claims first Radeon X2300 laptop

Asus claims first Radeon X2300 laptop

Asus may be best known for making laptops that are sold under other brand names (we're looking at you, MacBook), but the Taiwan-based company is also frequently the first out of the gate with new technology. For a good example, check out the SideShow-enabled laptop we saw recently at CES.

Asus today announced the first notebook to feature graphics from ATI's new ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 chip. The Asus A8Jr isn't terribly remarkable otherwise, but since ATI isn't saying much of anything about the X2300 just yet, informational nuggets such as the following (from the Asus press release) are illuminating:

"The new ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 will boost graphical performance, and utilize ATI's HyperMemory memory management technology to deliver enhanced 'performance-per-watt' operations. It will also offer Certified for Windows Vista 3D graphics that supports the visually stunning Windows Aero user interface."

OK, it's really not that illuminating, but since the street date and price on the Asus A8Jr are still up in the air, we'll take what we can get. ATI has mentioned the Mobility Radeon X2300 in passing before but has not officially announced it yet.