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Asus $399 Android tablet to arrive in March

With two Windows-based tablets already scheduled for January, Asus says it's also prepping an Android version priced lower than Apple's iPad.

This Windows-based Eee Pad will be getting an Android cousin in March.
This Windows-based Eee Pad will be getting an Android cousin in March.

Is Asus trying to make up for lost time?

While Apple's iPad has been selling out of stores since April, Asus is one of the many PC makers busily working on its own tablet since then. After announcing two versions of the Eee Pad in June, Asus CEO Jerry Shen told reporters on Friday that it has yet another tablet in the works.

This one, also part of the Eee Pad family, is set to sell for $399 and is scheduled to be ready by March, the executive said during the company's earnings call. It's different than the other Eee Pads, on track for January debuts, because it will feature Google's Android instead of a Microsoft Windows operating system.

The 12-inch and 10-inch Eee Pads were announced at Computex in June. The 12-inch version features Windows 7 and is set to sell for $1,000. The 10-inch Eee Pad will have Microsoft's Windows Embedded Compact 7 software--designed with tablets in mind--and cost between $399 and $499.