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Asked to pick their top Star Wars tech, fans have some surprising answers

If forced to choose their favorite innovations from the Star Wars universe, fans are less interested in space travel and goofy robots than you might expect.

You know you want one.

You might assume lightsabers would be the most coveted piece of tech from the Star Wars universe, or perhaps a cute droid with attitude like R2-D2, but a new survey finds fans are more interested in flying fast than wielding glowing weapons or having little robot buddies.

A poll of 2,020 Americans (including 1,605 who have seen the Star Wars films) ranked eight pieces of tech from the super-franchise and found that hoverbikes like those used to tear up the Ewoks' forest on Endor are the most desired innovation from the imagination of George Lucas, with 32 percent of respondents saying they'd like one.

Those iconic lightsabers are right behind with 31 percent, but another hovering vehicle, the landspeeder that Luke Skywalker cruises around Tatooine in, comes in third with 26 percent.

The survey was published Thursday by Harris Poll and myDevices, a company that makes software for the Internet of Things, the notion that virtually every product around us will one day be online and communicate with us and with other products. Interestingly, a hyperdrive was only desired by 22 percent of respondents, perhaps because none of us yet have friends in other solar systems that we'd need one for visiting?

If there's any hope for the galaxy, it's that owning a personal Death Star was of the least interest to those polled, with only 9 percent saying they'd like the power to vaporize a planet at will. Let us know in the comments which you'd choose.

Here's the full breakdown.

Survey question: "If you could have any technology from the Star Wars trilogy, which would you want?"

Hoverbike: 32 percent
Lightsaber: 31 percent
Landspeeder: 26 percent
Hologram messages: 24 percent
Droid: 23 percent
Hyperdrive: 22 percent
Galaxy gun: 14 percent
Wrist rocket: 11 percent
Death star: 9 percent