Ashton Kutcher to play Steve Jobs? Really?

Variety reports that the "Two and A Half Men" actor has signed to play in an indie movie called "Jobs." Can this possibly be true?

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
Can he make a good job of being Jobs? Ina Fried/CNET

There will be some, even many, who will believe this must be an April Fools' wheeze.

But Variety is reporting that Ashton Kutcher, he of "Two and A Half Men," will be playing Steve Jobs in a forthcoming movie of the Apple CEO's life.

The director of the movie is reported to be Joshua Michael Stern, whose last oeuvre was "Swing Vote" starring Kevin Costner. Production of this movie -- reportedly titled "Jobs" -- is allegedly to start in May.

The writer of the Variety story, Jeff Sneider, insists that his revelation is utterly true.

Indeed, he tweeted: "Guys, do you REALLY think the top @Variety brass & my editors would let me post an APRIL FOOL'S DAY joke on the homepage? Uh... no."

Sneider has even asked Kutcher for confirmation by retweeting his story: "@APlusK Mr. Kutcher, I just broke what may be the biggest film role of your career... Do me a solid & hook a brotha up with a RT?!?"

The story has now been confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter.

Many will wonder whether Kutcher could possibly harbor the full range of emotions required to deliver as nuanced a character as Jobs. Does he have the rage inside those usually kind eyes? Does he have the ability to stare down detractors and dismiss them with a superior scowl?

Could he even ever look good in a turtleneck?

The movie is reported to detail merely Jobs' hippie years and those leading up to the founding of Apple, rather than later times.

Hollywood has fooled us into believing many things. It has, just recently, fooled us into believing that Glenn Close is a man and that Tom Cruise leaps from tall buildings.

Some will declare that Kutcher is a technophile who delights in investing in start-ups. He's even being launched into space on Virgin Galactic's rocket. But can one really imagine those sweet, caring eyes breathing believable fire and brimstone in the face of opposition and disaster?

Somehow, I find it a little difficult.