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Ashton Kutcher suffers Twitter hack attack?

Ashton Kutcher, he of more than 6 million Twitter followers, apparently has his account hacked at the TED conference. Strangely, he seems to have done nothing about it.

This could be an example of being punk'd. Or even meta-punk'd.

But strange tweets have begun to appear on Ashton Kutcher's Twitter feed during the TED conference. And he seems to have done nothing about them.

The first tweet read: ""Ashton, you've been Punk'd. This account is not secure. Dude, where's my SSL?"

SSL--so my fallback engineering encyclopedia, Steve, tells me--stands for Secure Sockets Layer, something that many of those in the know believe Facebook and Twitter should use as a standard.

However, the phantom tweeter doesn't appeared to have stopped there. He or she added another message: "P.S. This is for those young protesters around the world who deserve not to have their Facebook & Twitter accounts hacked like this. #SSL."

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Naturally, if you're going to go all Banksy to get your message across, the Twitter account of a famous actor with more than 6 million followers is the equivalent of a billboard on Sunset Boulevard.

As yet, no one has taken responsibility for this guerrilla act. However, ReadWriteWeb reports that it must have been one of the other attendees at TED, the conference at which everyone knows the future and wishes everyone else would just listen.

Those pesky shared Wi-Fi networks can be more insecure than your average actor. Worse, it seems that Twitter might be eminently hackable too. I am most concerned, though, that this alleged miscreant found it so easy to stage a militant coup on Kutcher's Twitter.

What else might he or she be able to access in Kutcher's no doubt voluminous digital presence? Will we soon see images of Mrs. Kutcher's--aka Demi Moore's--bottom on display for all to see? No, wait, Kutcher already did that himself.

Still, this seems to be a dark day for identity burglary. Will the alleged thieves come clean? Will they make a speech about it at TED tomorrow? Could they be disaffected extras from "That 70s Show"?

One can only hope that everything will soon be revealed. Preferably on Twitter. Or perhaps Kutcher's Facebook page, which is currently still intact. At least I think it is. It's not always that easy to tell.