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AshPoopie turns doggie doo into ashes

The AshPoopie is a souped-up pooper scooper that incinerates offending doggie doo and turns it into sterile, smell-free ash.

Can you hear the 2001:A Space Odyssey theme song?
Paulee CleanTec

The poo problem has vexed pet owners since the first wolf started hanging around early human encampments. Wouldn't it be sweet if that pile of pup waste just disappeared? A new invention promises to turn Fluffy's excrement into ashes.

The AshPoopie is the brainchild of scientist Oded Shoseyov from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is aiming to reduce the huge number of plastic bags full of poop that end up in the trash all over the world.

A built-in pooper scooper on the bottom picks up the offending material. It combines it with the contents of a replaceable cartridge and what looks like a set of rotating paddles. At this point, some patented incinerating magic happens and out comes sterile, odorless ash. It's a poop blaster!

The device is portable enough to go along on walkies, or it can be used in your landmine-ridden back yard.

Paulee Cleantec is the company behind the gadget. It's expecting to unveil the AshPoopie at the GlobalPet Expo in Orlando, Fla., in February next year. Look for the technology to make its way into cat litter boxes and human toilets next.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about the AshPoopie. Will there be an AshPoopie Mini for chihuahuas? How about an AshPoopie Mega for Great Danes?

Between the biogas-powered Toilet Bike Neo and the AshPoopie, waste will never have to go to waste.

AshPoopie after ashes
This is the after photo. Paulee CleanTec