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As if 'Blade Runner' wasn't enough, Denis Villeneuve is rebooting 'Dune'

The "Sicario" and "Arrival" director will helm the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert's spicy sci-fi epics.

Spice up your life.

Denis Villeneuve is adding another sci-fi classic to his resume as he's set to direct the planned new film adaptation of "Dune".

It's looking to be a good year for the "Sicario" director. He's up for a swathe of Oscars for "Arrival", and whose "Blade Runner 2049" sequel arrives in October. First "Blade Runner", now "Dune" -- he'll be rebooting "Battlefield Earth" next, mark my words.

Legendary pictures bought the rights to "Dune" at the end of last year and reportedly has plans to tell new stories in both movie and TV form. The news was announced by Brian Herbert, son of "Dune" author Frank Herbert and one of the producers of the proposed adaptation.

Frank Herbert wrote six novels in the "Dune" series, beginning in 1965. The bookswere adapted into David Lynch's 1984 movie, as well as two TV miniseries. But it's not an easy story to adapt -- a failed 1970s version masterminded by cult director Alejando Jodorowsky was the subject of the fascinating documentary "Jodorowsky's Dune".

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